March 12th, 2009

cloth pads

More on Amy's Rag Bag

Today in my editorial chat, after we got done talking about the business end of things and it was just a few of us ladies left, we started talking about green decisions. Pros and cons of various choices, and what our favorite ways of making of a difference environmentally are. Being the wonderful group of ladies they are, nobody had to suggest the obvious of using reusable grocery bags or switching to CFBs. Everyone sort of assumed I think that we were all of course already doing that. I brought up cloth pads because it's always a new idea to someone.

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Feeling some better

So I baked a loaf of bread, but since I was baking just to bake, I'm afraid I didn't measure ingredients. Just grabbed and went with the mood. It's a shame, it turned out *great*. It's a whole wheat loaf with olive oil, molasses, and mixed nuts chopped very fine which doesn't, looking at it, sound like it would work, but it does, and it's so good. I'm going to the grocery store tonight when Mike gets off work, so I'll pick up the ingredients to make creme fraiche to spread on it. The loaf is a free formed loaf, and the color turned out a really pretty shade of brown. Yum yum!
We haven't been to the store since I got sick, and last night came down to "Honey? When did we buy sandwich meat?" (fortunately, recently enough it was fine)