February 11th, 2009

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While I'm waiting for glue to dry..

I killed another aloe plant. People keep telling me it's hard to kill an aloe, but notice the words.. I killed *another* one. This makes my 3rd in 13 years.
Wanna know why I use dried herbs mostly? Because fresh are expensive to buy, and I can't grow them. My black thumb is legendary in my family.
A few years ago,I went to get some mint and stuff for my outdoor summer pots. I do these every year so optimistically.I know from experience, if I buy plants and replant them, I can keep them going for a couple months. If I start from seed, I'll get a tiny sprout, then, like it sprouts, sees me and decides on a quick death instead, it's gone. Anyway, we decided to take the kids to the nursery. My favorite local nursery has peacocks and it's a pretty place. We called W and told him what time we were picking him up. Dad asked "What does your mom have planned?". W told him, Dad replied "You know, if your mom just wants to kill things she can step on bugs for free."
I'm decent at wild crafting. I know a lot of edible plants, and I can pick them in the summer. As long as I never try to grow them. No matter how hardy, how stubborn, how prevalent a plant is for our climate, if it gets in my garden, it dies.
However, I have bumper crop of dandelions in my driveway in the summer. It's the best one in the neighborhood.
We've had continual problems with the forest trying to take back our neighborhood, and we have saplings that need to be cut down regularly. The most stubborn of these in the worst place, Mike tried lots of things to kill it. What finally worked was me watering it, talking to it, and feeding it. It died.

So yesterday, we came home from the gym, and I hurt pretty bad before going. By the time we came home, I was hurting so bad I just wanted to sit and stay sat. I told Mike "I'm just going to plant my butt." and Mike said..
"Don't do that. It might die."
Serves him right I'm working with glitter today.
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