January 26th, 2009


Since I have nothing really to say..

I spent today mostly reading, cooking, and working on my scarf, I'm halfway through the second round, and it will be 4 rounds total. (strip method donchaknow)

I also spent a little while transcribing a couple new patterns. This time, knit patterns. The first one is fairly wearable. The second, really customizable, but for the most part? Not recommending the customizations they did. Well.. E loves one, and I like one. Can you guess which ones we like? But I think it would look too cute with embroidered flowers and rick rack, because rick rack makes everything look better.
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It doesn't say, but the Loops variation is the one you need the crochet hook for. And check out the flowers hat! Yep. Those are pom pom flowers. It sort of reminds me of those swimming caps with plastic flowers attached.
Did you guess which variation I liked and which one E likes?