December 18th, 2008

origami hearts


I'm working on a crocheted version of a Danish paper heart, and I'm not sure I have quite enough yarn left to do one side, so it may turn out tri-colored, with the strips of one section being one color, and the semi-circles being a different color. Pattern *will* be posted later, and I think it has possibilities sized up a bit as a really thick nice hot pad to put hot things on since it's 4 layers thick in the woven part. I think it also would make a nice scrubbie the size I'm making it.
I'm feeling a little better today. Sorry about the whining last night.

No new versus was posted, but at the store, where it was just John vs. Iron Man, John won by one vote. 58/57. Here, my two added choices were tied. 2 votes for The Santa Bear (hey, he's vicious!) and 2 for the dumbo octopus.

I was thinking of doing knitting vs crochet and scrapbooking vs. plastic canvas needle point then running the winners against each other, but really, while we are all responsible adults capable of intelligent discussion, discussing politics, religion, or crochet vs. knitting in a polite setting is really just a way to start a fight.
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Icon postage

Here's the blank if anyone really wants to make a pixel shaded cupcake icon of some sort. Wouldn't recipe icons be fun? Whole recipes in an animated icon.
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