December 15th, 2008

ducttape purse

Duct tape, the zoo, and Red Green

The zoo was a lot of fun. Every year, the newsletter says "Hot tea and popcorn" and every year, it's not hot tea. This year it was hot cider and hot chocolate. Mine wasn't stirred enough so the top was a watery chocolately flavored drink, and the bottom was pure sludge. My own fault. I gave E the chocolate sludge and she was happy.
There are a couple orphaned cubs there, and they are so cute, brown bears. You just want to take them home and snuggle them. Or maybe that's just me. I love the brown bears. My camera was having battery issues, and my fingers were having "it's too cold to take your gloves off" issues. I did get a couple pics of the kids and Mike, but I used point and shoot rather than fuss with settings while I was freezing, so we will have to see how they turned out.
We hit the animals we most wanted to see, then went to the gift shop, for the month of December, purchases at the gift shop are 20% off for passholders, and for Christmas For the Animals, the only people at the zoo are passholders, so they don't ask to see your card. W has been wanting a plushie from there for a while, so today I let him pick one out. He got a fox, and was insanely happy. E got a little gadgety thing with a bunch of lenses and stuff.
We brought fruit, rolls, and extra lean ground beef chubs for the animals. It was a lot of fun, but really too cold to stick around long, and a lot of work for me walking those trails since I woke up hurting from the cold.
Sicily's Pizza, a local pizza company has one buffet place, they only charge 9.99 per person, and the food is really ordinary, but it's fast, inexpensive, and the kids will always eat their veggies there since they have a really boring salad bar, and a fairly decent fruit selection. I like it because it's quick and easy and no clean up for me!
After we got home, I was simply wiped out. So I crashed, and slept hard for a 6 hour nap. *laughs* The kids and Mike watched movies.
Red Green and duct tape? Here, it's Red Green at the 3m duct tape factory in Canada. Red Green is a family favorite, and used to be E's favorite show in the world. And duct tape just is a happy thing. This video shows how it is made.

Combining two potential hobbies

Well.. I have an interest in fermented foods, and baking, and Mike wants to start carving me more spoons. At the zoo yesterday, we saw spoons coated in sourdough starter and dried. In a nice bit of symmetry with that site, Mike's inspiration for carving spoons isn't just the fact I prefer wooden spoons, but also Dick Proenneke's sourdough pancake spoon. Watching him carve it out wasn't the most amazing thing he did living in the wilderness, but it was the one Mike can replicate most easily with hand tools.
You see where this is going right? I can imagine giving friends who love to bake and who like wooden spoons handcarved birch spoons with sourdough starter on them.
Mike and I discussed wood conditioning for the spoons, and we finally settled on a conditioner. I'm not a big fan of food safe mineral oil which is what's most frequently used because it's a petroleum by product, so what we are going to use is a variation of my lipbalm. Food safe beeswax mixed with walnut oil. Walnut oil dries without going rancid, and beeswax will provide some water resistance. It won't need as much re-application as the walnut oil on it's own, and it's not petroleum. I'll pour the balm in my old prescription bottles with instructions for application, so it will be recycling too!
I'm going to make some of the finish up in the next few days and try it out on one of my spoons to see how it looks and performs.