December 7th, 2008

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New Book Happiness!

Do It Yourself Screenprinting by John Isaacson! It's so good. Lots of information on getting started in screenprinting done in a graphic novel format that's just a lot of fun to read. I laughed out loud a few times reading it, I don't think working with chemicals is a good idea in the winter when I'm really not thrilled about the idea of keeping windows open long, but I'm looking forward to it next summer. I have plans for printing my knot bat on stuff like thrift store teeshirts, turned inside out and possibly hacked a bit. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just print it, and sell them on Etsy, and let other people hack up the teeshirt to their satisfaction. The book, along with Simple Screenprinting : Basic Techniques & Creative Projects totally demystifies making screens using emulsions, plus, since my master bathroom *STILL* isn't rewired, it's a perfect place for making them. I can shade the tiny window in there to keep it dark except my light for burning the screen, and rinse off the emulsion in the shower.
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Chat time and a helpful link

Chat time in an hour, come on in, even if you don't want to talk beads. We hardly ever do. 8 am PST
I love our local extension coop service, I remember my mom calling them for recipes and stuff all the time, and since majortom_thecat brought up sustainable living, I wanted to post the link to our local extension service.
Here it is!, click on publications catalog. Most of the free stuff is also in PDF format, if you want a hard copy of anything you see on there, click on the how to order link, and it will give instructions for ordering the free or the inexpensive publications, the online forms are different for each. They don't charge for mailing, just the cost of the publications for the ones that cost money.
If nothing else, if you have a curiosity about the sort of things that would be of interest to Alaskans, it's fun to look at the list.
One of the things in it is of course, instructions for sourdough, and it includes instructions on how to dry and reconstitute starter for future use. I'm planning on making sourdough starter this week, but since I want to use the whey from making cheese to make bread with, I'll only be using a half cup of my initial starter to make a sponge with whey and flour. Whey would NOT be a good choice for the starter since it's milk and will go off badly in no time at all. So knowing how to dry all but what I need to store for starter will be a good thing.
One site suggested making whey into lemonade, or drinking it straight, so I tried some. Wow.. um.. I think it would be an acquired taste just straight, and the idea of whey lemonade is just icky. But I think in sourdough flapjacks, it will be great, and add a nice sweetness to set off the sour, and just a bit of richness.
This is my 1001st entry. I missed noticing the 1000th!
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Baking bread with whey

I was too impatient to try baking bread with whey to wait the amount of time it takes to make a sourdough starter without yeast, so I went ahead and made up some bread today. It turned out good. E is planning to have some tomorrow with strawberry jam and the chocolate cheese we made.
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