November 30th, 2008

Glitter-craft transmitted disease


Yesterday I finally got Dad his membership at Costco, and that was really a lot more of a pita then it needed to be. Going to Costco with Dad is always twice as exhausting as it needs to be, because he's an old crow, and easily distracted. I know.. pot.. kettle.
After we finished the little bit we were doing there, he decided he had to go to Sam Club for shoes. So 2 warehouse stores with Dad in a few hours. No wonder I didn't feel like much for the rest of the day. But he's got his memberships now and get can his own ice cream.

I updated my layout a bit, so the menu on the top banner is really busy now, but I was able to clean up my sidebars some, there is a contact page in my top banner with my aim/yahoo info and a friends-locked link to an entry with my snail mail address and phone number. I still need to put in a back-dated entry with usage information, you know, what you can use my patterns for (pretty much, everything) and a philosophy statement, which I hate writing. Those and bios. I hate writing bios.

Sunday morning bead chat in a couple hours. Um.. 8 am PST I think. Here.
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