November 29th, 2008


So much for today.

I had plots and plans and a memo book full of to-dos. Like "Get to the postawful- Mail scrubbies to majortom_thecat and needles to Gina.
I didn't get that far.
Sure, this morning I hit Michaels with my 25% off total purchase including sale items but not including Cricut, 7ft trees, or books or magazines coupon, and did my annual I've saved for it list of stuff like "Enough paint until summer hopefully" and clear spray for paper projects shopping. Lucky for the kids in the paint section, they had some "green" products clearance priced, so I got them nice little artist sets of acrylic paints, colored pencils, and sketching pencils. And there was much rejoicing.
And I did get to the Evil Empire of Consumerism, and almost managed to stick to my list. Jeans for dad, since he's not allowed to wear worn/faded/stone washed jeans to work, and the Evil Empire was selling Wranglers for 8.00 a pair. Dad's a weird size. 32x29, but I found 3 pairs his size. I'm starting to think he may have to start shopping husky boys or something. The Evil Empire had Marvel teeshirts. So I got 2 gitd Punisher shirts for me for the gym, and shirts for Mike and W. Mike's building a geektastic collection of comic book themed shirts for sure. I also of course, got sd cards, because BF is the best time of year to buy them.
Then we went to BK for breakfast since it's a tradition for E and I and this is the second year Mike has done BF with us, and the first Wm has, so they were stuck with our traditions.
After that, we dropped the kids off, and we went to Office Depot, and they were, of course, out of the external HD I wanted, but they did have typewriters in stock, and I wanted a typewriter, and right now, through being awful thrifty about food and not doing much about entertainment for MONTHS.. I had the money.
The clerk looked at me like I was nuts when I brought up the slip, and tried to make nice non-committal comments about typewriters. They had them up on a high shelf since there just isn't much call for them, and he was trying to be nice about that too. I wanted badly to ask if I could charge my ipod on it.
But!! I have a typewriter. It's not fancy. It's the lowest end they have. I didn't *want* fancy. Just a basic typewriter like the kind I had as a kid. Well.. maybe not like that one. I had a manual suitcase type typewriter with hammer keys as a kid. No. This one is electric, so more like the one I had as a young adult in my first apartment. I'm happy. It's meant for writing parts of the zine I'm working on, because no fonts really emulate the way typewriters work, you couldn't build that much variation into a font. The also had sets of mini fine point Sharpies for 2.00 a pack. Which is always happiness.
E referred to as a save point. I didn't ask.
Then it was time to go to my MRI appointment. I mentioned I think, that's I'm claustrophobic right? And an MRI is like a big plastic coffin without the comfy satin lining? And I think everyone had heard me say that I'm not sure what the worst part of my last one was, was it the Skynyrd marathon playing on the music I was listening to while being immobile and trapped or just being stuck in it? I was in horror of doing it again though. The first time, I didn't realize how bad my claustrophobia was until I came out shaking and whimpering and Mike very carefully didn't laugh when I gasped out "And they played FREEBIRD! It was horrible." This time, because last time was so bad, I asked for, and got a sedative. They told me to report with my pills in hand. So I did, then they asked me when I got there, why I hadn't taken them yet, so I did. I thought "okay.. take them when I get there, the effects probably don't last that long." but then when I picked them up, the pharmacist said "Don't drive for at least 4 hours after taking them" which gave me warning. Oh yeah.. those two little pills kicked my butt. The first MRI was managable because my head was outside the tube, the second.. I was drifting hard. Then I was done. I went out to the lobby where a little old grandmotherly type was crocheting slippers and knitting muppet slayage scarves in the round so they were long stretchy tubes, and I talked to her a bit, and bought E a muppet slayage scarf, because it's a big tube, and she'll have fun with a big tube of neon green muppet slayage, and I got myself slippers. Because I can never have too many pairs of slippers. Then Mike walked, and I drifted to the caf, and I got E and I chili dogs, which made E very happy, and fruit smoothies.
And I realized, I wasn't going to the post awful, or anywhere but home, but I had vague hopes of staying awake at home. Took me about 20 minutes to realize, the safest and best place for me was bed.
9 hours later, when I woke up, I told Mike "Umm.. next time? I'm taking half the dose." My whole day was just gone, 2 tiny little pills stole it from me.
Oh? The music this time? A mix of stuff, Elton John, The Who, Grand Funk Railroad, but the second song played was Sweet Home Alabama. By Syknyrd.