November 22nd, 2008

pink doily

oh the Stash Enhancement eXperience!

The stash being my craft book/magazines stash. The experience being a total craftgasm of 1940s and 50s old Star and Clark's crochet, tatting, and knitting books. I'm going to start working on scanning and cleaning up the goodness soon.

One of the *best* things I saw in it was a scoodie sort of thing, crocheted very prettily in an open mesh, and it looks made for modifying the pattern to use a nice alpaca, cashmere or some other luxury blend. In red of course. I want a red hood for riding.
I skipped the doily ones. I was tempted, but I have a lot of patterns for doilies and tend to make them up as go anyway, should I ever want to modify a doily pattern to bigger yarn to use as a shawl, but I got the edgings books, a couple of the sweater books, one with gift ideas including a bunch of stuffed animals, and a couple books dedicated to stoles.

*happiness* I got those, a book from the 70s on crewel embroidery, a few paper backs for myself and the kids, and a bunch of really awful old records to turn into bracelets for 16.00 total. Plus we looked at cats. Since it was the ASPCA thrift store, and we need a new cat. How can I write if I don't have the cat?

We also hit a Alaskan crafts fair, and I was terribly tempted to spend more money then I had, but I didn't. I kept my purchases down to the bare minimum. Truly. I wanted a new purse, more soap, even though I have plenty, and a necklace or 3, but I just got some sausage and honey mustard, and got some fudge as a treat.

When I got home, and showed Mike a pattern for edging a hankie that was quite literally, about a 4 inch square of linen with about 6 inches of netted lacing, and told him that I should beautify our home by making edgings for the towels, he told me if I couldn't enjoy retro goodness without getting kooky, he was taking away my magazines. I told him, that as the man of the house, that was certainly his right, it's his castle. I was tempted to ask him if he wanted me to fix him a cup of coffee and rub his feet, but he was already giving me glowering looks, and I didn't want to lose my magazines.