November 15th, 2008

glitter lifestyle

I saw an icon

The other day that I think needs to be a shiny glittery teeshirt. It said "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.". For that matter, the icon I saw wasn't all shiny and glittery like my icon, so maybe I need to make one that is? I just wish I could remember where I saw it!

I've been working on some new printables. Other then that, not doing much, going to Michaels I think after the gym this evening. You know.. if I can get motivated to go to the gym.
We went to the zoo this morning, the new gateway complex is open now, and it's lovely, and since we went at 10:30 this morning right after they opened, there was a LOT of parking available.

The ravens that are always around the zoo were mostly hanging out by the caged ravens. I've mentioned before that our zoo houses quite a few disabled birds. In the case of one of our ravens, it flew too close to a fire and got it's wings permanently damaged. I don't recall what happened to the other. One of our eagles was found walking on Klatt road 20 years ago with a badly damaged wing too. But the feeling was still that of a planned breakout. Every time anyone walked close to the ravens, the free ones flew off in a big circle, coming back to land after whoever was there walked off. Or maybe that's just my whimsy. Imagining corbies taking over the world. The wolverine, who has a nice big habitat all to himself was having a blast in the snow.
It was, as usual, a lot of fun.
While we were going in, I bought popcorn for everyone, and Mike said "We could have candy." and pointed to the candy bars, and I said "No. Popcorn is traditional. We come to the zoo and have popcorn." He said he wasn't bound by tradition, and he was a rebel! I told him to eat his popcorn, and he did.
While we were leaving, a guy was coming in with his toddler, dressed in a 3 piece suit, and carrying a backpack. He asked if the animals were out. I think, if it weren't for the backpack, and the obvious effort to do something fun with the toddler, I'd have responded sarcastically. Suits seem to have that effect on me. I'll have to ask Mike if I'm more snarky with him when he's wearing a tie then other times.
Mike wore his Jayne hat to the zoo, and one of the ravens watched him, and cawed at him with a bit of food in his beak. I think he was offering to trade. to the gym I guess. To do the weight training I've avoided the last couple of days. I figure hiking at the zoo in the snain (it looked like snow but sounded like rain) counts as cardio.