October 28th, 2008

recipe card

Sometimes I think..

Describing the meal you're making for your family to a bachelor is probably a lot like supplying pornography or like stripping. You can see it, but you can't have it. Sorry!
Not all bachelors obviously. I know a few who can cook, and I know a few I taught to cook, but it's hard to motivate yourself to cook just for one.
Tonight I'm making s'ghetti. I'm trying out a new jarred sauce I'm fairly sure will be okay, the question is, does it justify the cost? I usually don't use jarred sauces because I prefer homemade, but sometimes, when I hurt, or when it's up to Mike to make dinner, it does make things convenient. But I'm really picky, and Mike lived in Italy for a few years and is pickier then I am.
Oddly, the old reliable standby is also one of the least expensive. Hunts canned sauces. They aren't overly sweet.
We use crimini mushrooms for well.. darn near everything we use mushrooms in. Both of us really like the flavor of them, but while Mike was on his weight loss challenge last year, I made s'ghetti one night, and he thought that was a way to torture him since he was eating carbs in very limited amounts. I served him his s'ghetti on a bed of sliced criminis and it's become one of his favorite ways to eat it. He also likes spaghetti squash, but only boiled. I tried baking it once and it came out mushy in parts.

Other then that, working on some new printables, and I got most of my email answered today. So I'm feeling very virtuous.