October 13th, 2008

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Microwave rice cooker and steamer

I admit it.. I had my doubts. I tend to think of my microwave as just something for the kids to make up ramen or to zap canned veggies in when I'm just not up to cooking.
But lots of bento sites recommend microwave rice cookers, so I bought one. A Nordicware Rice Cooker. I got it mostly to use as a vegetable steamer.
I used it for the first time last night with fresh broccoli, and it was great. My only problem with it is that it's not quite big enough for the big portions we have if W is here too, but for Mike and I it's perfect. (E does NOT eat cooked veggies except carrots in soup and spaghetti squash. She ate her broccoli raw). The broccoli was hot, and still crisp, just the way Mike likes it. For people who don't fill half their plate with veggies, it's probably more then enough. *grins* But Mike likes veggies.
I also got E one of the omelet pans at the same time. We are going to try it later with a simple cheese omelet.

A friend of mine is having problems getting her husband to eat vegetables. She asked me about it once.. "How do you get Mike and W to eat veggies?" Umm.. Mike and W are both big boys. They aren't missing out on food. I've watched W zap himself a bowl of green beans mixed with mushrooms and covered with pesto for breakfast. He loves being able to "shop my pantry". So I have no real tips to offer other then the usual "Spinach can be snuck into almost any meat dish.". I've used it in meatloaf and other things without it being noticed by my daughter who is less then enthused about cooked veggies.
I'll have to try the rice cooker with rice later. If I can make sticky rice that way it really cuts the time to make onigiri. I have chicken leftover from last night, so I may try that for lunch. I made herb crusted lime-honey chicken for dinner. Yum yum!
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My dad called last night, to very nicely offer Mike a ride to work, since it's snowy snowy snowy, and Mike does not have his snow tires on. He asked about the class, and I told him I rented a wheel.
He said "That's because you like doing all that weird stuff."
Weird stuff. I'm so glad he doesn't try to find a diplomatic way to tell me he thinks all these artsy-crafty stuff is just plain odd. I told him most my friends did a lot of the same things. That I have friends who make cheese at home, make soap, spin, weave, and of course, bead. Who knit gorgeous sweaters for themselves, and crochet doilies. That I'm not at all unusual.

He said that knowing other people who did the same things didn't make me less unusual, it just made my friends weird too.
I pointed out that mom built her own coffee tables. He replied "Well.. your mom was weird too."

I'm half through the fringe on the pouch I'm beading, just taking a quick break. I've been listening to my classical on shuffle, I forgot how much I like Mozart when I'm beading!
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