October 9th, 2008

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Mike is absolutely my hero. And a few other people's of course as well. Last night he was late coming home because he was helping out a stranger. There are worse reasons.
Got comics. They've started pulling more then just what's our list. Looking at what we buy, and pulling more. I don't mind.
Vs? well.. lately they've not been good. This week is quake vs halo. Can't tell you how much I don't care.

After that, we went and bought me a new printer. It was time to admit the amount of fiddling I was doing to make mine work was just frustrating me. Hopefully, Mike can take it apart later and figure out why it doesn't work, it's mechanical. He's clever.
Then we met Dad for dinner. He was only 20 minutes late, and we all had dinner, it was mostly nice.

Today E and I are making homemade cream soda.

Let's see.. ortho appointment was *great*. A lot of the damage in my knees has gotten better, and they think they know what's causing the pain. If it's what they think, it's *repairable*. I'm so many kinds of thrilled. I'm going in for MRI next month, I did do the sensible thing and ask for the sedatives this time. Last time was horrible. The orthopedist told me I should wear braces on my knees more often.
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Well.. must get busy.