October 7th, 2008



We have measurable snow. I guess I should be happier. It bugged me unreasonably when snow came so late the last few years, and before the last decade, the first measurable snow was on average somewhere around Oct 8. The last few years have been so late it affected the average and pushed it up by a couple weeks.
But bleh. My knees hurt.

Today I'm going to make hair ties with the felt beads we made. W made felt with me yesterday and thought it was fun, and I made a pouch using an old gift card for a template. I need to get a picture of that next to the gift card, because it's interesting how much it shrunk.

W snagged the skull pouch, and was thrilled by it.

You know that super simple knitted bunny pattern? I was thinking of making 3 stuffed with plastic pellets (okay.. plastic bbs) and polyfil for Mike to use for juggling, or possibly a set for us to learn to play otedama with. I like the idea of Mike juggling fluffy bunnies. I could get a nice mohair and use it with a plain yarn of some sort.

More later. When I'm done grumbling about the snow.
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Halloween 2007


Yeah. Today is pretty monosyllabic. Bleh. Gah. Urk.
I was working on a slightly different size of graph paper then my usual, and I messed it up 4 times.
Think about that for a minute. I messed up making peyote graph paper 4 times. Like it was something I was just figuring out how to do.
Hopefully I can do the beading tomorrow without too many issues. It's a smaller size amulet bag, so it should be pretty quick. I'm doing it for a tutorial on how to combine elements and follow a pattern.
It's a Halloween pattern and it's NOT a skull or a bat. So I'm pretty happy with myself. Since I seem to have had skulls and bats on the brain all year.
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