October 1st, 2008


Spinning, felting, and patchouli FTW.

Honeybeehill's conversation about patchouli.. just because it made me lol. I like the smell in blends, but it does tend to make me sneeze. Which made teen clubbing at the couple of local teen night clubs a pain when I was younger. Lots of patchouli, cloves cigarettes, and leather. The scent always makes me think of the Cure and strobe lights.
For another smile.. (edited in just now as I finish the story), read
The Curious Case of Mr. Silverworth.

I went to the yarn store, hoping in a silly way, they might have more of the green yarn I used for my winter hat, they didn't. They did however, have this pretty painted colorway in the same bulky alpaca. So I'll frog the lacy cap I had started back to the ribbing and finish it as a wide headband for E, and then do the lacy cap in the new entirely too expensive colorway. But it's pretty.
I also got some Sprinkles yarn off the clearance racks to use for my first knitted plushie. It's sort of a loopy yarn made of 100% fiber from the rare Polyesteria. It knits up like terry cloth, which makes me think it would have made more sense to sew the plushie out of towels, which would have been a cotton terrycloth instead of a polyester terry.
Spinning class! I called, and I'm all signed up. I asked E if she was interested in taking a spinning class with me, and after she made sure that yes, Mike was joking when he said that I planned to be tied to a spinning wheel while she learned to throw knives, she said yes. I've always wanted to learn how to spin on a spinning wheel. Blame fairy tales. Which is another story altogether.
The wet felting she wanted to try is a project posted by Michelle at CraftedBy.Us, you can look for Crafted By Us in itunes and download the episode called Felted Bowl I think? It's a 45 minute long video podcast. But don't stop there. I love Michelle's podcast. We have much roving. So we are going to try it later.
At some point recently, a bunch of old pennies got into our economy up here, so I've been separating out the copper ones. (which, by the way, are worth about 2¢ each now because copper has gone up so much in price, so you can double your money by selling copper pennies as scrap copper I guess.. but really.. that's a lot of effort) Last night I started hammering some flat. After well.. entirely too much hammering, I had Mike hammer them flat. Which went a lot quicker. Then I domed them slightly, and drilled them for earrings, so I need to assemble them into earrings in a bit. Fun fun.
Mike's bag with his computer and all that got found and returned. And his computer still works.