September 24th, 2008


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It's been a good week. I almost feel guilty.
If you are an Amanda Palmer/Dresden Dolls fan, her newest cd is available from, and you get the album instantly for download as well as getting the cd in the mail. The download includes a fun song written by Neil Gaiman, I ordered the teeshirt/cd combo, as much as I wanted the book as well, I just couldn't justify the expense to myself. AND if you order from there, it's an autographed copy of the album. I got mine yesterday. *happiness*
I also got a fridge. It's older, but it's all installed, plugged in, and keeping my food nice and cold, and you know.. it's not dorm room sized. Also much happiness.
I picked up a 16 gig nano for myself the other day. The only color they had left in stock was pink. Poor me. Stuck with a pink player. My heart is broken. Uh.. well.. not really. It's for the gym, since I like watching video podcasts while I do the cardio hamster thing, and listening to classical or classic heavy metal when I'm lifting. Which meant E got my old 4 gig nano. She's happily being pod people. She really loves having it, and the only time it's not been on her is when it's sitting in the charger dock.
I thought I'd lost my pill box I keep some of my flexeril in that's cut in half so I don't get too drowsy while I'm out, and I found that yesterday too.
Along with various other things.. it's just been a really good week, and I feel badly for friends who aren't having a good week which is part of why I'm not posting. I feel guilty being fairly happy other then of course, the hurt of not being able to help my friends more.
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