September 19th, 2008

Coffee Domination

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Except I can't have coffee. Blood test tomorrow.

Let's see.. went for a walk with E. Before we left, I put on a PotC teeshirt, my skull and crossbone earrings, and then I put on makeup.
Which I don't do often. And E said "Why are you wearing makeup? We're just going for a walk."
"Because I wanted to. Some women do it every day."
E.. very firmly "Those women are clogging their pores and ruining their skin. Occasional is okay, but you know you're pretty without it right?"

huh.. who's the grownup here? I wasn't wearing that much makeup.
We walked up to the store so I could get a new lock. Because I locked my keys in my locker at the gym last night and had to have my lock cut off because I knew how bad it would look for me to pick it. Then if locks ever got picked there, people would blame me. I also broke my earphones last night at the gym. So I needed a new pair. I'm very fond of the Sony clip on type that have the retractable cord. I HATE stuff in my ears, so all my ipod earbuds wind up being up for grabs as everyone else in the family needs new ones.

I'm going to ask for a new set of x-rays on my knees to see if they've gotten appreciably worse, or if it's just the lousy weather that's causing the issues this year.