September 18th, 2008

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Dinosaurs in the sewer..

I dreamt the sewers of New York were filled with filth, glitter and dinosaurs, and I was having coffee as narration described me, sort of a Rod Serling-ish voice..
"Imagine a woman dressed in rags with a book in hand, her clothes are clean but she's negligently taken care of. The book is new, not an old friend, and somehow you know this woman dressed in tatters would rather have new books then clothes.."

But I misplaced the craft book I know I bought recently. Well.. I think I bought one recently. I'll have to dig around and see if I can figure out where I put it.
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Bread Recipe

I'm pretty sure I posted this before, but Google didn't turn it up when I searched for it (yes. I use Google more then my tags, it's quicker), so I'm probably reposting it, but this time with the key words so I can find it.
Like bread recipe shala baked homemade.
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Remember recently when I posted about Alaska Birch Syrup's cranberry sauce? Well.. another product recommendation.. not mine this time, I'm not a big fan of mustard except occasionally, and certainly don't know mustard well. But E says their Kahiltna Gold Birch-Orange Mustard is possibly the only mustard she'll ever eat. If you're not willing to take a 13 yos opinion seriously, Mike, who lived in Germany for a few years and certainly DOES know mustard loves the stuff, and just called me to find out where their website is to recommend it to people at work. I'm not sure if he meant the chef, or just in general, but he doesn't recommend products unless he really likes them. It's under Syrups and Confections. He had some on a plain cheese sandwich. Well.. sort of plain cheese sandwich. We've been buying a decent aged cheddar lately, and a smoked gruyere cheese he really loves. But he told me the next day "That mustard you got? The orange stuff? That's GOOD."

I found the book I was looking for this morning. It's Aranzi Cute Stuff .
I love every Aranzi Aronzo book I have, but this one is just great for E and I both. Lots of Japanese style mascots and crafts, and many of them are made with felt and can be done by hand. Tissue covers, easy running stitch embroidery (that's just impossibly cute), water bottle holders, and lots of bags. There are some simply adorable keyring patterns I can't wait to try. It's fun and inspiring. I think I'm going to have E decide on a project, then draw her own character up we can make a pattern for. So very worth getting if you're into small, quick and absolutely adorable projects. Your local Michaels might have it, so watch for one of their good coupons if you want to get it.