September 15th, 2008

potter's marsh

My weekend

Well.. this weekend was a bit rough. I pushed it too hard again, and despite the pretty Potter's Marsh icon, I didn't go there.
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So I planned on doing some beading, but I never get to it this weekend. Instead I worked on knitting another kerchief, this one I think for Mel, it's in rainbow-y colors with a triangle design worked into it using yarn overs, k2tog, and ssk. Nobody told me that ssk looked better on the opposite side of a symmetrical design then k2tog. C'mon ladies and gentleman.. you know I'm a beginner! Help a girl out! I'm not going to follow patterns except my own, it's sort of the way I work... so I need all the helpful hints you can give me.
Next up, for knitting, is either an eyeball pouch or a fair isle pouch, so any hints on changing colors, carrying colors, etc.. please?
The hardware store was full of stuff I can see using soon. All sorts of meshes I want to play with to make things out of. I also got the oak dowels for the sets of dpns I'm making for people for the holidays. I'm thinking of getting some dowel caps and beading them with geometric peyote designs for straight needles or hair sticks.
For the gym yesterday, I braided my hair into a long braid down the back, then coiled it up into a bun and pinned it with 2 dpns, it wound up looking very fancy for going to the gym in a pair of shorts and a Linkin Park teeshirt. I think I need to teach E how to weave ribbons in my hair when it's up like that. Easiest method is just to thread 1/8th inch ribbon through a plastic yarn needle and "sew" it through your hair to help pin it into place and to decorate.