September 12th, 2008

loser-godalmight-john lennon

I admit it..

I've got a big weakness for Wonder Woman. In a huge planning to get a tattoo kind of way.It's my reward for myself for sticking to the gym thing.
And I have almost as big a weakness for Lynda Carter. She wasn't my first exposure to Wonder Woman, I have an uncle who's been a lifetime comic book reader who likes DC best, and has for as long as I can remember, so the first comics I got smuggled to me were mostly DC (with various indie horror comics mixed in), but Lynda, even with the hokey Golden Age-ish dialogue, still played the role very true to the character. (if you've ever heard me rant about the X-movies, that's the core of my rant, the characters weren't "true") It's my major fear with the movie, that they won't cast it near as well. Well... one of the animated films had Lucy Lawless playing WW, and that worked for me.

Anyway.. the Plane Dot or Dotted Plane.. sent me a link to an article I really loved.
This is it.
Lynda rocks my docs.
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