September 8th, 2008


Something I rarely do...

Which is talk about politics in this blog. For lots of reasons. This is mostly my polite blog, and Mom always taught me there were things you didn't discuss in polite company. This is my choice, and I have another blog I'm less polite in. This one is the one that my mother in law can find. So I behave accordingly.

That said.. About Palin..
I keep seeing posts all over the net, and even on here, about how Alaskans really feel about her. Do you really want to know? From ground zero in the most liberal town IN Alaska?
Proud, mostly people like her. There are few notable party Republicans like Lyda who have had something against Palin for years, but mostly, the regular people up here, even the ones who aren't voting for McCain, and wouldn't vote for McCain, like Palin. Her approval rating is over 80%. With the scandal and everything, and HAS been consistently that high even when she fired Walt Monegan before she started talking about the energy relief. I'm not voting for McCain, I feel too strongly about the Constitution. But my vote is my business.
On the radio this morning, on the most popular radio show in ALASKA... not just in Anchorage, but in Alaska, I heard one of the deejays says "This Troopergate thing? It just doesn't matter." The people he was talking to on the phones did not disagree. In fact, they absolutely agreed. The radio show isn't a conservative talk radio thing, it's a morning show on a rock station.

So.. I can say that all I like, and people will still take the people they've heard of who hate her and use them as an example for the whole state, but you'll see soon enough. This isn't going to be the year Alaska goes blue.

And that's not even what I meant to write about. What I meant to write about was this.. the people who are attacking her, weren't the votes McCain was going for. You're PBS. You're preaching to the converted. Mr. "My Country Right or Wrong" who wasn't sure about McCain because he had liberal leanings is suddenly motivated to vote. People who feel incredibly strongly about abortion are suddenly motivated to vote. Both ways. He was going for that margin of undecided or uncommitted voters, the ones who don't always vote, but who mobilized so well for Bush. Do you really think a good old fashioned book burning to protect children's impressionable minds is going to sway them?
Get back to the issues, please. It looks bad when the arguments for one party are actually just arguments against one person. Obama can stand perfectly fine on his message and record, so share that, and why you support it. Or if you support Nader, share his goals and experience and why you chose him over the other choices. I'd like to believe we can do better then gossip and mudslinging, that the basic issues themselves are more important, that there are more reasons WHY you'd vote for one candidate then reasons WHY NOT the other.

This election will be divisive enough without throwing gasoline and righteousness on that fire.
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