September 5th, 2008

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Last night I found an old drawing of a dragon on a shield that said "Dragon Security/Trespassers will be incinerated" which I gave to E to hang on her bedroom door. She was thrilled, and said it was a really cool drawing. That made me awfully happy. I don't draw often, in fact, that one was dated 00. I think I drew it when it looked like Mike was going to be taking over a security company, before he did the sudden change to something completely new.

I keep considering what I should work on next, but since I'm feeling a bit uninspired, I waxed my brows instead of doing anything productive yesterday. But I am working on a new pattern, anyone got about 20 hours to elf it for me? Just joking. I'll bead it. And I graphed an odd count peyote version of my split loom dragon pattern. Which I probably won't bead, but I do like how it looks.
It's a lot meaner looking then the original. I also graphed a few St. Trinian's crests for R. If anyone else is as a big a fan and beaders who might want them. Generally.. my fan based patterns are done in my fandoms, but I've graphed a few things for her that.. well.. aren't. (Like the smirking guy from the Bon Jovi album.. so very not my fandom.)

So.. didn't get enough accomplished, but Mike's up now, so I'm going to go spend time with him.

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1. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
2. Answer one question with one name.
3. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme

1. singingwolf
2. singingwolf
3. Nobody
4. honeybeehill
5. Hmm.. let me think about it.
6. beadslut
7. twinthing
8. army_of_frogs
9. lit_melissa
10. imamommie
11. cortejo
12. xia_hime
13. xtalcy
14. wolf_heart9
15. wolf_heart9
16. refinedwithfire
17. lit_melissa
18. beadslut
19. tattermuffin
20. xtalcy
21. Umm.. not sure.
22. lit_melissa
23. No one.
24. foreverwolfene Who isn't on my flist. But the answer stands.
25. roisnoir
26. lit_melissa (list hog!)
27. lit_melissa FTW!
28. obscurek
29. I'm cheating. More then one. lit_melissa, xtalcy, army_of_frogs
30. Go make something!
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