August 7th, 2008


Learning to knit

Still no knitting icon. But it's a great chance to use icons I don't often use. Like this one.
Anyway, behind the cut is the bag I knit on homemade dpns, instructions for how I made my dpns, links to the youtube videos I used to learn since I haven't had a chance to take a class yet, and the pattern for the bag.
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Well.. anyway.. that's how I learned to do it. I still prefer crochet.
Wow.. well.. I messed up that cut. Sorry about that folks!
trivia-don johnson

you'd think at this point..

I'd trust my body more then the weather men on tv. My knees hurting really bad means a weather shift. But yesterday was so pretty I had my hopes up for 2 pretty days in a row.

Yesterday morning I heard a hissing sound from the kitchen sink, and so I checked, and sure enough it was leaking. I got the water turned off to the sink, and Mike replaced the faucet yesterday evening after we got comic books. (Sorry.. I forgot the vs, it was some video game one), I'm so proud of him. It was the first time he completely replaced a faucet.