August 5th, 2008

punish me

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Working on a project that uses purl stitches. Ick ick ick. The theory was, an alien knit kerchief, but the alien is turning out sort of misshaped, but it's working out okay. At least I know the *concept* works. Which is enough, since I'm not a knitter.
Went to the gym for the first time in a couple weeks today. I took it slow and easy, and only did 20 minutes of cardio plus my arm/shoulder/pec sets of exercises. I hadn't lost as much strength as I thought, I was able to do everything at the same resistance/weight levels as before, it was just more of a strain to get out those last 6 on my 3rd set. Still hating it. Really. I'm going to put together a couple new playlists tonight I think for timing my sets.
No. Not thinking "Hey! New exercise pill!" because I know too many people who took the last few "solutions" to weight loss, and had all sorts of issues. I may not LIKE spending an hour a day at the gym, but I know it's the best way to keep my hurty parts going a few more years without surgery.
Well.. time to watch more Buffy and practice knitting some more. Mike saw the washcloth I made last night, and I laughingly told him "It took 4 hours!" He sort of looked at me.. he knows I can crochet one in about a half hour. More to the point, he can BUY them mega cheap. But E likes it. It's all nice and soft, and my dad loves my crocheted clothes for drying dishes. He says they work better then anything else he's ever tried.
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