July 27th, 2008


Happy Birthday Melissa!

Happy Birthday Melissa. I don't do happy birthdays often in here, but I'm not sure if I'll catch you online today. So.. Happy Birthday. I'm thinking of you a lot lately, and miss you muchly.

I'm so glad and honored to have a friend like you who is patient and caring and one of the most loving people I've ever known.
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I'm not a knitter pt 2

I decided when I was nearly done with the pendant bag I'm working on now that I wasn't happy with the size, so I frogged. And picked up stitches. And I gotta tell you.. picking up stitches after frogging perle cotton knitted with size 4/0 needles is not my idea of a good time. Really. And Mike mocked teased me gently about my OCD issues, because I knew I wouldn't be happy with it almost right.
Then when I was 9 rows from the end of the body of the bag, the thread broke on a partially broken bead. So I frogged the thread back to the beginning of the row and picked up those stitches, tightly knotted the thread back together with tails long enough to weave in, and now I'm back to finishing up the bag part.

I couldn't get to knitting lessons today. I was too busy knitting and frogging and saying bad words.

Anyway, remember way back when I did an entry on antiperspirant alternatives? Well, the wikihow feed had this link for making underarm guards. They look sort of uncomfortable and inconvenient to me, but I do like the idea of using baking soda to absorb odor. Having a bunch of clever seamstresses who read this, I'm certain someone can come up with something better then Mom's bit of velcro to stick to sweaters, or that harness. I think what I'd like is something along the lines of a choli bra type top made out of a nice cotton knit with built in but fairly slim line pockets that you could spoon a bit of baking soda into because that would be convenient for the gym, which is where I sweat the most, but I also need light support while I'm working out. Anyway, a camisole of some sort made with 4 oz cotton knit would almost have to be more comfortable then a harness.
Kim has found a good solution for her is to use vodka and lemon juice. But that's a lot easier when you're a bartender. I wonder if you could use dry lemon powder or lemon slices and infuse vodka for a while, and keep flannel pads soaked with in a water proof pouch and reapply when needed? Witch hazel if you absolutely can't stand the scent of vodka.

Well.. back to my knitting.