July 25th, 2008

My hands

I'm not a knitter..

Really. I had plans to take lessons this weekend with E, but with one thing and another, and mostly because she caught my cold.. that's off. But I'm knitting more pendant bags because I can do it when I'm fuzzy from medication and I have lots of orange perle cotton. What I didn't have was the right color beads for the strap. So I remembered that the Alaska Bead Company is open until 9 on Thursdays (they close at 7 the rest of the week) and went and got the right color beads for the straps.
The first one I made is has a 14 stitch cast on like the link above, but instead of the
xxxx0xxx0xxx0xxxx patterning, it's xxx0xx0xx0xx0xx0xxx, so 5 columns of beads instead of 3. Other then that, it's pretty close to the same pattern, but I made a flap for it. I need to take a look at knitting patterns to see how they are written to be able to write what I did, but really.. if I did it? A real knitter could LOOK at it and tell what I did right?
The one I'm working on now is a bit bigger, not much, still a pendant bag.

I could NOT find the right shade of accents, so I got "close enough" and picked up Miyuki size 8s that are really close.

I need knitting lessons so badly.