July 20th, 2008

shrink plastic skulls


Still sick. What I thought was a mild cough a couple days ago has turned into 3 days so far of being hacky, coughy, and whiny. Because I hate having colds. Having colds during what's normally considered summer is really awful. Of course, this hasn't been a great summer. The weather has been wet and not really warm. I know, it's redundant to complain about cold in Alaska, but even Mike says it's been more like Tacoma in the winter then Alaska in the summer this year.

And I'm whiny and not at all full of my usual cheer and good spirits.
But I did get to go out for coffee with Teri Friday night, and HEY! Kaladi Brothers? Has code 6 plastic for their cold cups. So now I have nifty Kaladi Brother key rings made with recycled plastic from Kaladi Brothers cold cups. Check your cold cups if you can't always resist that frap.. :) Maybe it's shrinkable and has a logo you want for something!
Other then that, I've been mostly making little notebooks that don't take any thought on my part, and I've been working on a plastic canvas project. Why plastic canvas? Because I had an idea for a display for my dragon earrings I wanted to try to get a good picture, and I have that stuff to stitch it up in plastic canvas, and don't currently have the stuff to build it. So I'm stitching up a plastic canvas version. With wool thread because I have that too, and I'm not going out to buy plastic yarn to use on it.

Well.. Mike's home. We are watching Bab 5. He took E to the movies yesterday. I had to skip out because I'm pretty sure nobody else wanted to pay movie prices to hear me cough all over the dialog, fortunately, with Bab 5, it doesn't matter, we've both seen it before.
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