July 13th, 2008

recipe card

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Me: I imagine.. if you had a food processor.. hazelnuts, a bit of hazelnut or peanut oil,cocoa powder and sugar substitute would make an okay "sugar free nutella" simulation.
Her: i have a baby one
Her: i make salsa and hummus in
Her: ive never had nutella, so i wouldnt know
Me: it's a chocolate/hazelnut spread E loves
Her: ive heard of it, but not tasted.
Her: and how can you go wrong with chocolate and nuts.
Me: her favorite.. when we have a working fridge.. is to make phyllo shells and smear a touch of jam in them, top with nutella, and bake until golden.
Me: BUT! you could do something similar and fancy schamcy looking by grinding up almonds into almond butter with a bit of almond oil and cocoa powder and sugar substitute, and a sugar free raspberry jam in phyllo shells with an almond on top for decoration.
Me: I think I might try that for Lamar.