July 10th, 2008

Read Something


A friend of mine got me a bunch of craft books, and I'm going to be putting up reviews for them in case anyone is looking for good craft books.I think I also need to add book review to the zine and indie books I've reviewed in here in the past.
Simple Screenprinting : Basic Techniques & Creative Projects
I've been reading a lot about screenprinting and wanting to try it, but the part that always baffled me was how best, at home, to do photo emulsion stencils. This book explained it really well with photos and lists of easy to get equipment to do it at home. It took the intimidation out of it for me.
The projects in it are great. I would have liked more cloth projects, but even with that, the ideas were good, and the explanations for how to do layered prints were really well written and easy to understand.

Recycled Crafts Box
A friend got this for my daughter and I, and a lot of the projects in it are really suited better for parents with younger children, that being said, we loved it.
My daughter is almost 13 years old, and while a lot of the projects were a lot easier then she likes, they gave her ideas for doing similar things with a bit more complexity. The cardboard castle is a favorite, and she's got big plans for building her brother a dice tower now.
The other thing the book had that we both liked was a lot of information about how things are recycled, and a timeline of disposable manufacturing, so we both learned from it. It's good without being overly preachy, and since it's recycled crafts, the crafts are very inexpensive to make. I liked it a lot.