June 25th, 2008

alien crochet purse

Mike's scarf

I finished it last night while we finished watching Tin Man. I downloaded it a few days ago on itunes, and we watched it as a family over the last few nights.

Including a pattern, although, it's all single crochets, so it doesn't need a pattern. But if you're an absolute beginner, and trying to figure out a scarf for a big guy, this works for mine.
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I've still got most of this cone left. It was a huge cone for 5.00. So I'm working on some other projects with it. It's not the best for hats since it's not really stretchy, but I'm thinking it will felt nicely to make a mock map case for W, or possibly still another dice bag since he's keeping some of his miniatures in the last dice bag I gave him. E wants something out of this wool. I'm thinking maybe a flower encrusted headband because the juxtaposition of that army green wool and pretty flowers appeals to me.Plus headbands that cover ears are nice in the fall/winter here.
recipe card

Crafty Cakes

You all remember the Vegan YumYum's knit cupcakes right? Since they were all over the place, and so cool with the marzipan knitting.
Anyway, the other day I got some books from a lady on Craigslist who has a lot of crafty books for sale. I bought all her bead books of course, but I also got some Wilton books including the 1977 Wilton Yearbook (and looking at some of the price differences in pans they still make.. wow!!)
In there, they had a couple cute crafty themed cake designs.
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I think the crochet one would be a lot cuter without the rocking chair, but I'm also thinking maybe a piped pineapple doily? And of course.. cupcakes. Because that's what we all like now. Cupcakes.
The embroidered one is done with gum paste, which I'm less then thrilled with. Gum paste IS edible, but nobody recommends eating it, and gum paste decorations can be kept for years to reuse, which also kind of freaks me out a bit.. why would you want to reuse something you can't really wash? But I'll betcha you could bake cookie embroidery hoops and use a rolled icing or marzipan for the cloth instead. Again, I'm thinking cupcakes with cute little crewel lazy daisy flowers on them.
EDIT: Well.. read the comments for another great suggestion.. but Jehanna and I are talking about it and came up with..
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And I think marshmallows would work for scrolls too.