June 17th, 2008

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One of those finds at the garage sale Saturday was a HUGE cone, I haven't weighed it. Maybe I should bring it with me to the gym tonight? Of army green wool yarn. Seriously, the stuff reminds me strongly of army blankets. It's wool, but since it's spun for weavers, it's not real stretchy, and it's itchy to me. Mike however has no wool sensitivities, so I'm crocheting him a Mike sized scarf. Mike size scarves are taller then me and a bit wide. He likes a scarf that will wrap twice and cover his ears,nose and neck. It's turning out really nicely because the yarn is so tightly spun, my stitches (size H hook) are very defined. So last night, we re-watched the first few episodes of Jeremiah (there is a shawl somewhere in the first season I want to screencap) and I crocheted.
It's a lot more green wool then I'll use for one scarf, but I think it will felt well which means I can use some of it for a mock map case or something similar. Hey, a 17 yo and a husband who can use wool.. I'll figure out something!
I also have 28 balls of perle cotton, about half tangerine and the other half coral that I got for 3.00, which is a LOT of knitted/crocheted pendant bags, but I couldn't turn it down for the price. Again.. I'll figure out something. Heck.. some of it I'll use on my inkle loom!
His first day at his new job went well. He's still very excited about it all.
We have a huge white board. I'm not sure what we are going to do with it, but it turned up in lost and found and went unclaimed at his last job, and he brought it home a couple days after I got some free dry erase markers in the mail. We had told E she could use the markers on the big mirror in her room.

OOH! I keep forgetting.. check your local Michaels. I got some manga drawing pads at mine clearance priced for 3 and 4 dollars each. Decent quality drawing pads costing what they do.. that's a good deal. They also had "Draw your own" comic book sets which are decent drawing paper stapled into a comic book type book for 3.00 each, I got the kids each a couple.
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