June 9th, 2008


three barons

I'm on Ravelry and I only have one friend on there! If you're on Ravelry.. wanna add me? I'm SKerri13 on there.

We went to the ren faire last night and I wrote on it in a lot of detail on myspace. I'm not sure why I used myspace.. but it was a LOT of fun. (The fair. Not myspace. Myspace is ... well.. it's sure not eljay!)

I'm achy today from walking on spongy land, but was worth it.
The tomato theater did that Scottish play as usual, and everyone died. Mike bought a couple tomatoes, then I bought him half a basket of them. So he and E had fun pitching tomatoes at the players. Mike caught one in the face and the entire audience went "Oooh!" and the guy next to him yelled "Good shot!" E didn't hit anyone, but she had a lot of fun throwing tomatoes. I guess putting your hand in a basket full of mush is okay if you get to throw the mush at other people.

The blacksmith had some new design hairpins. I got 2. I wanted more then two. But we may go back next weekend and get a few more. They are very smooth, just enough texture to hold in my hair really well, and a good length. Mike called them "Fairy Wards". Cold iron enough to protect me from the attentions of fairies. I spoiled myself rotten. More so then usual for sure. I also picked up a used malachite bracelet that's sterling with big oval malachite. I love malachite so much.
We talked about possibly doing a booth in a few years. Mike was astounded by the price leather workers wanted for very plain vambraces. His are a lot nicer. I'll have to talk to my brother too. The 3 of us could certainly fill a booth with goodness. A lot of vendors weren't there. So yeah.. I think we should think about it.
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