May 24th, 2008

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Welcome Honeybeehill, who makes gorgeous pads and cloth pad advocacy buttons. So very on my shopping list for when I have a bit of money to spare. Her Etsy.
I've been toying with the idea of Etsy to sell e-books. I'm just not sure. But if people would be interested in e-books with printies and patterns, it would help me buy things like hand dyed pads for my daughter!

I still have no idea who sent me the box of goodness. Nobody told me to expect a package or anything like that. But thank you. I'm making onigiri for lunch today and we (E and I) are taking a walk just so I can use the stuff in it. I picked up some soy wrappers at the grocery store today because E dislikes nori pretty intensely.

Mike has Sunday/Monday off, so tomorrow we are going to the zoo, and I think this evening he and I will go to Potter's Marsh. Fun fun!!!
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