May 4th, 2008

alien dance


Time for chat. Right now. It usually lasts a couple hours. It's 7:30 am PST.

Well.. my first ever amigurumi was an alien, which my son took when he saw it.
Then I made a few more, and went to thread amigurumi, again, my first was an alien.

While I was cleaning out my purse last week, my son saw my little thread amigurumi and mentioned to me in a very subtle 17 yo boy kind of way.. "I don't have one that small"
So we talked, and he decided rather then just a loose little toy, he'd like a keyring.
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Yesterday I decided to straighten back out my schedule from being sick, so I was zombie like all day. You know, shuffling my feet, trying to eat brains.. or something like that. Since thinking was just beyond me, I watched Dark Angel and worked on that and on a really simple headband for E.

So I had this idea the other day..

and I'm working with Mike and my brother to see how we can do it and how much it will cost with stuff scavenged where ever possible..
I think we can make a heated food dehydrator in an old tower case using an older power supply (because we have a brand new old power supply in a box from about 4 years ago) and scavenged fans, and light bulbs. But I think it's such a great idea I figured I'd share.
See, the best food dehydrators has fans on the sides of it instead of at the top or bottom. Top or bottom fans don't evenly distribute air through the layers, plus if it's on the bottom, food/liquid can drip in them and needs to be cleaned. But good food dehydrators with fans on the side can be a bit pricey. Computer parts are easy.

I was also watching E turn a plastic bag into a wind sock and remembered another one of those things mom used to do with us.. she would give us washed used aluminum foil and plastic bags to make comet balls out of. We had a lot of fun batting them around with old badminton raquets.