April 26th, 2008

punish me

Prepare for the whining...

My page is offline for some reason. Has been for a few hours. Hopefully it will be back up soon. Still getting email at least.
There is 2 feet of snow outside. In late April.
And I hurt. Badly. So I'm cranky anyway.
*grumbles* Got all the diagrams done for a simple open daisy chain. Now I can't get it written.

Tried Sono thread, and I like it for daisy chains. It's nice and strong. Doesn't replace my precious silamide though, although I think it will be nice for netting. People warned me I'd have problems threading my needles with the sono, and I really didn't. I just used my pliers to squish the end flat and it went right into my size 12 sharps.

I'm beading daisy chains for spring. And it's SNOWING. Still. Snowed all night. Snowed all day yesterday.
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