April 24th, 2008

trivia-don johnson


Okay, I should be working on my bracelet. And I will in a minute.
E and I were talking about her decorating a pair of jeans, and I think.. you know, if I wore jeans, I'd like a pair with bleached out butterflies that were colored in with sharpies. If I were younger, I'd seriously consider putting flares in the seams with a butterfly print and having butterfly bell bottoms just because it would be fun.
I called Miss Teri last night to see if she wanted to spend Mother's Day or my birthday with us. For Mother's Day, we are making our traditional trip to the zoo to get the family pass. For my birthday, we are talking about going to All Fired Up. I'm going to paint myself an alien coffee cup! She said yes on the zoo, and maybe on my birthday.
W spent a couple days with us. Which was as usual, NICE. I like having him here. Yesterday, we went to buy comics, and he found a used video game he wanted, then we hit the food court for dinner. I like the food court at the mall we get our comics at because it's mostly locally owned ethnic restaurants, W opted for Thai, and Mike and I had our usual Mexican. The cook just started cooking for us. He knew what we wanted even as we made a show of looking at the menu.
Oh? The icon? Made that yesterday. Had to share it.
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