April 12th, 2008

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Melted Crayons Part 2

Our first melted crayons.
We haven't gotten pictures yet, but this time, we poked holes in some while the wax was still soft, and cut others into 4 parts so they had corners to color with. We've decided the next batch we will do both, use something smaller to poke holes in them, and cut them into 4 pieces. Because crayon necklaces and crayons to tie onto journal projects are just neat.
We buy lots of 10¢ notebooks at back to school sales that are used for homework and other such things, but also a lot of them get turned into journals with duct tape or other coverings. I'm thinking of making mini books with crayons for friends. Could be fun.

D is for D.I. Y.

Zine review!
A zine written for kids this time.
D is for D.I.Y. from Unicorn Express, I also ordered but haven't gone through the Cardboard Cutouts zines yet.
Okay, you know me, I'm biased. I love zines. I love the whole idea of them. Independent publishing makes me very happy. This one though is going to become a favorite quickly.
It's the first zine I ever bought specifically for E, she's read my craft zines and cook zines, she's not interested in most of the rest of them, but she got excited when she saw it was a crafts for kids zine.
It's *great* From cover to cover full of ideas. Some geared younger then E, but still idea she would have fun with, some perfect projects for her, and better, it explains how to make pinatas in general. Not how to make specifically a ____.So many kid's craft things explain how to make specific things, and E is too much of an artist to like that. She'd rather have the information then go her way. This does that. A lot of the information in it is available in other places, but what makes this easily worth the $1.80 (including postage) is that they are gathered together in a fun, easy to read form that I can see sparking lots of great afternoons of crafting. It's also really well laid out. There isn't any text bleed over into the next page or anything annoying like that.
I ordered it with the set of Cardboard Cutouts, and she included a little heart pin in the order which was such a nice treat, shipping was *fast* AND in a recycled envelope. Loved that. The original labels were blacked out and she put a new label with my address on the other side and taped it back together.
Direct link to D is for D.I.Y., now, go check it out!
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