April 10th, 2008

beaded rose


My first e-book is up for sale now! It's got the original patterns from my knotwork patterns plus 6 more bracelet patterns.
I'm excited and hoping for the best. The best being, over the next couple of months, making enough to buy Mike the Foamy dvds he doesn't have yet for his birthday.

Need help from the TCG type people out there.. what are the dimensions of a deck and which game do you play? I'd like to make some printable boxes, including one with Mel's "stained glass" moon design for my son, they will be posted on my printables site too, but I need the dimensions, and if possible, any design considerations you think are necessary. Personally, I'm thinking a lidded box like a gift box, but I'm just not sure.


Felty goodness

I have much love for this project, the problem of course is that while they would work fine (large size clips) for my hair, my daughter's hair mocks such things. It eats them up and spits them out at a later date, usually someplace muddy. I'm NOT joking.
Both my kids have really thick curly hair. E's is less curly then her brother's, which means it is occasionally brushable, but we keep wide toothed combs on hand for the initial battle. W handles his hair by keeping it short. His last hair cut was a bit on the long side, and needs styling. Which means he's not happy with it. Well, that makes everyone, because my dad is STILL complaining it's too short. W prefers enough hair to cover his scalp, but not so much I can tell he didn't comb it. (His hair is unbrushable. You don't want to brush ringlets, they go POOF and make him look like an exotic breed of dog, well.. not really, just his hair), E's hair grows long, W's hair grows UP, and out. Like a bush. He didn't get his first haircut until he was 3 though, and Dad still misses his long ponytail that formed a huge ringlet down his back. You know, since that was so recent. (W will be 18 on his next birthday)
Anyway, I'm distracted by the chaos which is my daughter's hair. Usually, I make her French clip barrettes when I make her barrettes. I'm hoping I can find some clips that have a flatter profile that *won't* get eaten by her hair. In the meantime, she's headband girl. I ran across a project for making stretchy headbands out of colored women's knee highs, so I think I'm going to try that. She also loses hair supplies at such a rate that *cheap* and *quick* are two words I look for.

So I guess I'll make sleeping bags for clippies for my hair. Even if I am too old. Maybe something with cupcakes. Are cupcakes still trendy?