April 4th, 2008

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My bestest notMike friend just came by, and gave me a tiny bottle of French Rose Absolute. Which makes me a very lucky girl. I gave her a gift I had stashed away for her too, it's a tiny little circle pendant, not like the big chunky just missed silliness trendy circle pendants, but a tiny delicate gold pendant set with citrines which are her favorite stone. She started saying thank you before she opened it, and I said "You haven't looked yet." She replied merrily "It's jewelry, so I love it."
She's gotten her cut very short and angled and pixy-ish.It looks great, and I said so. Adding there is no way I'd ever do that to mine. She said if she had my hair, she wouldn't either. She was very impressed with the two silver stripes on the right side of my head (we haven't seen each other since November when she started school) and threatened to hit me with something heavy because of my natural hair color. We gossiped, and talked about girl stuff, and I had her listen to Jamie Anderson's song, The Menstrual Tango.
I showed her my macaroni earrings and she didn't see the joke either, she thought they were great, and closed her hand around one pair and refused to return them, so I gave her the other pair too.

But even with the very welcome distraction of her coming over, I got the Christmas ornament boxes done! Now I just need to upload them. So I'm down to redoing the cards I think, then I'm *done* with the overhaul of all the original boxes on my printables page!!!

Fun printie stuff? Paper Critters, design, print, assemble.
Hey, do any of you use StumbleUpon?
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