March 15th, 2008


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It's something about Saturdays and Michaels right?

E accidentally dropped a plate a few days ago, and it LOOKED like it was all up. Until I stepped on a piece. And it was a grab the counter and catch my breath sort of pain, which SHOULD have tipped me off how deep it got. I had her come over to throw away the piece. Caught my breath, and looked down, and I was standing in a puddle of blood. She brought me a clean towel, and volunteered to clean up the mess so I could get direct pressure on the TINY cut and get the bleeding stopped. Seriously? Doesn't look a cut that could bleed that much.

THIS is why we always have lots of adhesive bandages.

We went to Michaels, and the crafts on Crayola day? Getting cheesier and cheaper every year. She liked one, but it was the busiest table, so we bought the supplies for her to do it at home. Then we went to Mc Donalds. Her favorite one in town is right by Michaels, they have this decidedly faux retro theme, it got dad all nostalgic for the days when Coca-Cola advertising stuff wasn't reproduction vintage and 6 oz bottles of Coke cost a nickel.
If you don't have kids who still love Mc Donalds, I think I have to tell you, they have PotC toys in Happy Meals now. So E and I both had a happy meal. I usually do anyway, since a little cheeseburger and some apple slices is about right for me, but she hasn't in ages. Pirate toys convinced her it was a good idea.

I finally got a picture of the pink headband. E wanted to wear it tied around her head instead of like an Alice band, so that's how she did it.
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