March 12th, 2008


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I can't find my french clip barrette blanks. Which means I have to go to Black Elk. I was thinking of stopping by there yesterday but hadn't given up yet on finding them.
Darn it.
Well.. I should make a shopping list. Maybe if I go in with a list I won't spend entirely too much money.
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ducttape ankh 2


So... I walked into my room, and E was sitting on my bed with the remnants of probably a saltines box, and her duct tape sword on the bed, and a top hat in her hands. I watched her pull up a piece of tape from the sword.
"Why are you taking apart your sword?"
"How else am I going to make this top hat?"
I asked if I should pick her up some more tape when I go to the store. She said "That would be great!" and we talked a bit about the armature of the sword, which, despite having several layers of cardboard from packages, is a bit floppy. I grabbed one of Mike's wire coat hangers from drycleaning and started bending it and started to say "Have you thought about reinforcing with coat hanger wire?" She beat me to it. "THAT would work!"

The top hat is made from cardboard from some sort of packaging, like I said, I think saltines (we get big boxes), the crown of it was wrapped in red paper from our reclaimed giftwrap stash. And duct tape. And you know something?

I think it's incredibly neat my daughter can look at stuff most people think is trash, and make things.