March 2nd, 2008


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Chat this morning was really busy. Lots of old faces showing up, a few new ones, and the topic was actually occasionally on beads.
The Friday chat we got asked for beady advice. And I answered. Hopefully, I answered clearly, since I was a bit feverish that day.

Mike's still plague-y.

So.. I like meat. I'll admit it. I'm not a vegetarian, I like leather, I like cheese and know cheese is murder. BUT.. I want to switch about half our weekly diet to vegetarian meals. The problem is E. W and Mike are both willing to try my vegetarian alternatives, E, no matter how carefully I mask the seitan, tvp or tofu, acts like I'm depriving her. She frankly tells me the meals are "really kind of horrible". (while Mike and W are eating all the can and getting seconds)
It's a health issue. Half vegetarian meals would be a lot more healthy. Well.. that and giving up a cup of coffee a day, but let's be realistic! Anyone have any suggestions? Because at this point, it's stir fries and chili con non carne (with TVP as the carne) and hot dogs and carrot sticks for her. I mean.. this kid? Unwavering. She knows what gelatin is made of and will tell you while eating it. She knows what goes into most hot dogs, and refuses to give them up either. She's perfectly happy with it. I've tried all sorts of commercial products that people swear by, and she doesn't like any of them. I love it when people tell me "My husband can't tell the difference." Well.. my 12 yo? Can. And sometimes hollars "I'm a CARNIVORE!"
Kim tells me I should be happy Mike and the kids eat veggies without fuss. I am. Well.. semi-without fuss in E's case. She's picky, she'll eat almost any veggie raw, but thinks cooked they are just the most disgusting things in the world. She also hates mashed potatoes, and by extension, mashed cauliflower.She also thinks canned tuna and bologna are disgusting. I don't disagree, but canned tuna is occasionally a comfort food for me. She would happily eat peanut butter and pumpernickel sandwiches every night.
Tonight I made a tuna casserole. Well, not a classic one, a cold salad that's basically tuna salad with onions, green onions, celery, peas, dill pickles, cheddar and mayo mixed with egg noodles. It's not something I make often, but I do like it a lot, it's a comfort meal for me, and one that I've been asked for the recipe more then once. "Uh.. a can of tuna, and whatever you mix into tuna salad plus noodles." She had a grilled cheese sandwich on asiago bread and an orange.
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paper arts


All the printies I've done, all the beadwork I've done, and somehow, it never occurred to me until JUST THIS MINUTE I could make a little box shaped printable bead.

And a paper mini box that's 100x100x25 pix could have one of my icons on both sides.

Sometimes.. I'm a bit slow. Took 10 years to think of combining paper and beads that way. I have done printables with beads before though. Years and years ago, like... 32 colors or something sad like that, I made flat paper circles that folded in triangles as earrings, the outside was cardstock, and I printed on paper bits of verse to glue on the inside (being considerably more precise then trying to print 2 sides), I never did get pictures of those, but they were light weight and got a lot of notice at work, with the improvements to printers and graphics, I'll betcha I could get quite a bit of text inside a pair now. Maybe mini fairy tale earrings?