February 19th, 2008

good idea-bad idea


Yesterday was one of those days that makes my life seem a lot more exciting then it really is.
We (E and I) decided to go the mall, while we were rushing to get ready to catch the bus, Katie called to say she would be in town tomorrow (today now) and would I like to meet her, we set up a time, and I'll be meeting her in a couple hours.Walking to the bus, W called, apparently he broke his screen on his ipod. Completely accidental and such stuff happens, the audio still works. We got on the bus, and a guy on the bus was giving pieces of candy to 3 small children on the bus (with mom's permission). A couple minutes before he got off the bus, he handed me the rest of his fun pack of crunch bars, and a fun pack of 100 Grand Bars. I guess I never learned not to take candy from strangers. But there is something really fun in completely strange men giving you candy isn't there? E does understand the difference between taking candy from a stranger, and taking kindness from a stranger with my permission, or I wouldn't have set such a bad example.
We got the mall and went to the arcade. I gave E 5 dollars for tokens and she had a blast.I accidentally walked off with someone's shopping bag, and was just so embarrassed. When I realized it, I put it on the counter up front. Then we went for lunch at the Perfect Cup (they have wonderful soup and sandwiches there). Now time for the serious shopping.
Claire's is one of my favorite places to hit for clearance, and they didn't let me down. They had shopping bags that fold up really small into little packs that you can clip on things. They had 8 left, and I got all 8 for 1.00 each. Since it was one of their 10 for 10 dollar deals, E got a PotC locket, and I got an extra headband as well. Then we went to the Wal-Mart. Oh my the clearance goodness there. They had a bunch of Testors stuff clearance priced.I got some gold paint for 25¢ each, a couple mini paint sets for a 1.00 each, some high gloss clear spray (50¢), and a 4 tubes of cement (25¢ each).. then we looked at clothes. Oh HAPPINESS! They had classic straight leg, at the waist jeans for 5.00 a pair. No. I didn't get myself any. I don't wear jeans. But I had E try on a pair, and wound up getting her 3 pairs. She's happy. Brand names don't matter to her, and new jeans are always a good thing in her world. While she was trying them on, an employee walked off with my cart. Talk about instant karma for accidentally walking off with that woman's shopping! I got my cart back after some frantic looking (my purse was in it). Finished picking up a few other little things and called Mike, who it turned out was at my dad's house working on his car. He got the watchacallit and was taking apart the whosit to fix the thingy. (They actually explained it to me, but I'd spent a half hour talking car parts with Dad earlier and yeah.. sort of tuned it all out.) E decided a schmoda sounded like a good idea. So we headed over to Dennys. Now, just for the record, this is an AWFUL lot of shopping at non-Alaskan businesses for me in one day, but I didn't really spend that much money all told, I like clearance, and I like clearance best when it's huge chain businesses taking a loss to get things off their shelves. But the schmoda.. there was just no place convenient to go for one that wasn't Denny's. So we went. While we were walking over, we saw Homeless Bill, and I gave him 5 dollars. Yes. I'm all full of bad examples for my kids. Giving money to the homeless, and taking candy from strangers. But Bill is cool. He's always a proper gentlemen, and very polite and nice. Plus I love his sign. He carries a sign that says "Homeless Bill Needs Rich Woman"
A schmoda (points to glossary on sidebar) is anything made with ice cream, but a proper schmoda is something in a sit down restaurant made with ice cream. It was one of my Granny Corzatt's words. We had our schmodas and Mike came and got us.
While E and I were sitting and enjoying our schmoda, she pulled out the locket and carefully removed the tag before putting it on. "Saving it for crafts?" She said yes. I pointed out to her were had gold model paint and cement, and said "You can paint some of the pasta at home gold and glue it to one of the old disposable pans from a pie, and make a nifty and absolutely tacky decoration for your room using the Valentines and that tag." She agreed that was probably a very good idea, so I'll pull out my sequins for her later, and I might get her a little mirror to glue in it too so it's also a mirror.
I called Dad and told him a little about our day, and he asked why I didn't mug the stranger on the bus for more chocolate for him, because dad thinks the chocolate in the world is there for him unless it's got nuts or cream filling.
E was thrilled with our adventuring, but a 4 hour shopping trip that started on a bus is a bit more then my body handles well, so I was pretty laid up for the rest of the evening.
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Check your local Suncoast. Mine had TNBC teeshirts for under 2.00 each. Which is always nice.

Home again. It was a bit more then I should have done after all the shopping yesterday, so I'm going to rest and possibly whine for the rest of the day.
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