February 14th, 2008

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Valentine's Day

I forgot to switch to my Valentine layout! So I guess it's only one day.
I updated Beadwork at BellaOnline this morning, and I made a silly little Valentine graphic for the people on myspace. Yesterday I finished E's neck warmer.

And found out we have different ideas of what looks good. The ruffle is TOO ruffly for me, I wanted to pull it out and re-do it, but she loved it, and wore it in the house while playing on my computer for a couple hours. It's a bit warm for indoors I said. She just looked at me. She had a ruffly grey wool neck warmer with pirate buttons, who did I think I was fooling?

I told Mike not to bother getting me anything for Valentine's Day since we just spent a big part of our budget on our computer. The really rocking thing about the people who helped me pay for the interim computer? Dad's computer died. So the computer that was good enough for the time being is over at his house now. Of course, his old computer was.. really old. Windows 98 old. He's absolutely astounded by the speed of his "new" computer. Wonder what he would think of my new baby?
Of course, my new baby wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it would be, or it WOULD have had to have waited until we got our tax rebate. I had it built for me locally by a company that can also do the upgrades as I can afford them, and the basic box cost a bit over 300 dollars. Much faster processor, 500 gig hd, and a gig of ram. It was supposed to be 2 gigs, but they didn't have the extra chip. I'm bringing it back next week for the extra chip. I'm happy with it, and Mike is planning to have them build his new gaming box when we've got the money to spare.
I'm making him one of his favorite dinners tonight. Terribly unhealthy. My meatloaf. And mashed cauliflower.

When we went to Dad's to set up the computer, I found out W has already moved his dice to his new dice bag. He's not sure what he's planning to do with his old one, but something for sure. He really loves all his crocheted bags, and usually has one tied to his belt to keep his ocarina in. Maybe he'll use the extra bag to keep one of his little ocarinas in? Hmm.. after I get a new headset I need to have him play so I can record it for the people who are interested.
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Dear Anonymous..

Thank you for completely ruining a whole hour for me. But that's all of my time you're getting.
I hope you have the day you deserve.
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