February 13th, 2008

pink crochet socks

Stash Enhancement eXperience

Well, we went to the movies yesterday.
Admission for 3, large popcorn, large nachos (cheese only), large pepperoni pizza, a pitcher of their oh so good cream soda, slice of turtle pie, and drumstick came to *exactly* 60 dollars. Which was the amount of Mike's gift card. While we were leaving, I asked E if she wanted to split a piece of turtle pie, or wanted a drumstick (theirs are hand dipped, made with Alaskan ice cream), she said she wanted to share a piece of pie, and when it all came out just right, I was tickled pink. Takes so little to thrill me.

After we bought the tickets, there was a half hour until the movie started, so we walked across the street to a yarn store. I got a couple skeins of Hempathy yarn, one of a bamboo yarn, and some buttons. I just want to play with the yarns and see how they work up, and a skein is just the right amount for a couple headbands or kerchief, which make great quick samplers just to play. The buttons? Well.. I noticed their buttons going in, and stopped to look at the brightly colored flowers. E looked closer, and spotted Jolly Roger buttons. So we got 3.

I think I'm going to use on a scarflette for E that can button around her neck. Not sure yet what I'll do with the other 2.

Happiness is just that easy.

This morning, waking up was incredibly hard. Facing getting up and going to the gym, nearly impossible, but I did it. And I did my whole Wed. workout. Not particularly willingly, but I did it.
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