February 8th, 2008


Dice Bag and Podcasts

First,the dice bag. jenna_thorn pointed out that Anticraft had a really neat eyeball dice bag up. Well.. I'm not really a follow patterns kind of girl, so I didn't. I just grabbed some yarn,and wondered why I'd never thought of that.
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So.. I did this last night in about 3 hours catching up on podcasts with E, like I said, we have a cord to hook my ipod to the tv. We watched On Networks Food Science, and E loved it so much. I really liked it too, I don't have easy access to liquid nitrogen to make instant ice cream or sorbets, but I do have blowtorches, and I like the idea of roasting corn with my big one. Fun fun!
We also watched episodes of ThreadBanger we hadn't seen yet. Still full of win. Next New Network actually has a bunch of E's favorites, Indy Mogul explains special effects on a budget, and Metal Chik is nicely done casts on how to do basic silversmithing. I think all of those are available on youtube too which is nice, but I like watching them on tv because.. well.. it's bigger and E doesn't crowd me watching over my shoulder.
We also watched DIY Style which doesn't have the flare or entertainment value of ThreadBanger, but it's solid, and teaches good sewing habits. For me it's a little too basic, but my mom was an amazing seamstress. For E, it's great. A lot of things my mom taught me but I haven't taught her are shown, and I can explain in greater depth.
I prefer the slapdash get it done of ThreadBanger, but ThreadBanger is short on nice finishing techniques. So I guess it depends if you want an obviously handmade diy alternative/punk look or if you want something finished so people think you bought it in a store.
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Instead of doing dishes, I'm in youtube land again.
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I love it so much, plus the music is just great.
I get, as I've mentioned before, my cologne from Laura's Body and Soul. They custom mix my "signature" rose scent to my specifications, plus a few other scents I wear when I'm feeling a bit more creative then just roses. They use a glycerine/alcohol/water base I believe. The glycerine makes the scent stay on like you wouldn't believe, alcohol is just a carrier and evaporates pretty quickly, but the glycerine makes it stick.
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Bead chat tonight at 6pm PST. I probably won't make it, since I didn't make it to the gym this morning and I was *bad* yesterday. I had a soda and potato chips and a cup cake.