January 22nd, 2008

punish me


The roof is leaking.
And the power went out.

Why is my roof leaking? Why did the power go out?

Because for some reason it's 45 degrees.

Yeah. In January.
In Alaska.
45 degrees.
So we've got wind. We've got a great deal of what was light, fluffy snow now turning into wet lumpy slush, if it's not just melting completely. This is after major amounts of snowfall last week.
We've got weather so balmy I could just take a walk instead of going to the gym. Heck, 45 degrees? That's nearly shorts weather, if it weren't so windy.

And it leaked all over my little pack of crane paper that I bring with me when I go to the doctor. Since I've found that the quickest way to quiet down screaming kids (not mine, mine are teens, the little kind) is to make up a couple "water bombs" without water and let them play with them. Then I give them a couple sheets and teach them that super simple water cup model, which they always think is just too cool and wind up running back and forth to the water fountains giggling. Which beats screaming any day of the week.
Which reminds me of something sort of silly.. Mike and I don't have a lot of patience with parents who simply have no control, but in hospitals, we both sort of figure high drama/stress anyway, so we are better with it. When I went in for my surgery a few years ago, Mike brought a mini dvd player with him, and all 3 Matrix movies. So he wound up surrounded by the kids who were in the waiting room all watching the Matrix. Apparently he was just the hero of the afternoon.
He's working with me on the juggling thing again. I still can't juggle. He still can. I'm making up a couple balls out of simple worsted weight cotton stuffed with a combination of plastic bb pellets and polyester filling.
Now I just need to figure out the yoyo thing. I wish I had his dexterity and skill! Ahh well, he still watches me when I crochet like it's magic or something. It makes NO sense to him.
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