January 21st, 2008



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That's Kim! *grins* I had to share. Because she's adorable in it. For 4 seconds.
Internet stardom is hers!

If you watched the Amazing Race, let's see.. Dad used to keep his airplane at Merrill Field, 6th Ave. Outfitters is right downtown by the main transit center (bus terminal) and the Salmon Hooker was right by the start of the Solar System Walk, which is a scale representation of the solar system. It's an all day walk if you're going to do the whole thing at once, and I'm hoping this summer I'm strong enough. If not, we will divide it up into 3 different walks, but it's a great way to give kids a sense of the scale of the solar system and how big it really is. When Mike and I met, he lived in Girdwood, and worked at the Alyeska Resort.The Capt. Cook Memorial (where you can see the Sleeping Lady) is one of E's and my favorite places.This is a picture I took from there earlier this year. Oh, and obviously? That was this summer. Because it's all covered in snow now. CBS.com's description of the show talks about the gorgeous green mountains. They aren't green now. They are snow halfway down.