January 16th, 2008


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I went to the doctor this morning, and found out my blood pressure is back down to normal! I cheered. I'm so many kinds of thrilled, it's been really high for 3 years. So there's a fairly fast result of my exercising.
I got a years supply of the flexeril which helps keep the pain down to managable levels, and we talked about my knees, which aren't doing so much worse, and she has a lot of faith that if I've managed to put off a replacement this long, I probably can hold it off for another 10 years, with exercise and care. Also really good news.
So all in all, the most positive visit I've had in a few years. I did get a bunch of blood tests, but most of that was because I was fasting anyway to check my liver and make sure my cholesterol meds and anti-inflammatories aren't messing it up, so she just asked if I wanted to do all the yearly screens at the same time. Oh yeah. Means no blood test next month!
I also got a flu shot. Just a bit late, but hopefully it will keep me from getting so sick again this year.