January 15th, 2008

alien crochet purse

Today is brought to you by the letter C

Computers, crocheting, cozies and chocolate.
Computers- Got a used computer last night, Mike's working on getting it up to what I need. Happiness!
Crocheting- A cozy for W's iPod. He saw the one I keep my nano in, and said "I hate to ask,but I'd really like a case for mine." and I said "Not a problem, will a crocheted one work until I find a good deal on one?" and he said yes. So I'm crocheting him one. He wants a neckstrap like my nano case has, and picked out a dark blue yarn. I couldn't find any buttons that would go well with it, so I made one with a bottle cap and a bit of wire. He says he likes it. It's kind of rough and neat looking.
Chocolate- Fred Meyers, or Krogers carry a lot of Disney themed kids food, which you know if you have one locally, and right now they have their big PotC and Princess chocolate bars on sale for 69 cents. Which I'm including just to include something about chocolate. E loves them. Because the wrappers are fun to glue on things.

They also have mini kid sized icecream cones, which are about 2 inches tall and so cute! So Sunday night after dinner, I offered everyone icecream cones. (Peppermint icecream is one of my favorites, it reminds me of mom who loved it so, and it was on sale for 1.50 for a half gallon). Mike didn't know we got mini cones. E did. So I served up the icecream, and giggling insanely in the kitchen, I had E bring it out to him, because I knew I couldn't without laughing too hard. She handed him the tiny icecream cone and he shouted "WTF?", at which point, E , W and I just convulsed in laughter. He grumbled, and ate it in a couple bites. And refused seconds. He said the icecream cones made him feel like a giant. But I love tiny things so much! I think I want to make mini lace cookie cones for tiny servings of sherbert this summer.

Check out this ipod case made from milk jug plastic. Very clever reuse!